Nominations are open now!

Nominations opened on and will close at midnight on .

Nominations are open to anyone working in the UK Civil Service, or a Crown body. You can nominate yourself or someone else to be part of the Index.

How to nominate

To submit a nomination, you have to:

  1. give us some background about who you're nominating
  2. write a nomination statement

Your nomination statement has to answer 1 question:
Why should you (or the person you're nominating) be in the Index?

Judging criteria

In each nomination, we're looking for evidence that demonstrates how the person, network or team nominated has done some or all of the following:

  • supported staff development
  • provided more pastoral staff support
  • changed service delivery to support LGBT people
  • changed something in their department to support LGBT people
  • changed the Civil Service more broadly
  • provided wider community outreach

Each nomination will be marked by an independent panel, and each nomination will be given a score.

You don't have to demonstrate evidence of all areas above to get into the Index you're nominated for. Each component of the Index listed above is given equal weighting.

Points will be awards for breadth of impact (i.e. doing something in multiple categories) and for depth of impact (i.e. doing lots of things in one area).

Nomination tips

Write clearly

Make sure you write clearly. Spell out acronyms and explain unusual or complex terminology. Don't assume the judging panel will know about your work. It might be helpful to use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique when writing your nomination statement.

Write for a senior audience

A mixture of senior civil servant and LGBT sector leaders will be judging the nominations. Make sure your nomination can be easily understood by a senior audience who might not be familiar with your work.


This nomination will probably take around 15-30 minutes to complete. You must complete the nomination in one sitting: unfortunately this form doesn't save nominations until you click "Submit" at the end.